Policies and Refunds


Some questions about Refunds and Policies and answers:

Do you give refunds?

 NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES without images then it maybe taken up for review if refunds or exchanges should be done.

Do we sell to outside of the US?

 Yes we do offer world wide shipping.

What type of forms of payment do you accept?

 We use two types of systems Stripe and Paypal which allows us to accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Paypal.

Shipping and Processing Questions:

How long does it take to process payment?***

It takes 1-2 days business days to process payment.

*What do you do if you have a problem or delay in your order: If you have any issues or delays in your order please let us know. by contacting us. Our contact information is on our contact page. 

**When will I recieve my tracking information: You will receive your tracking information after your order is finished processing. 

*** Delays may occur if you make a purchase through Paypal with your bank account which will result in delay in payment. Once the payment has come through we will start shipping out your order and you'll receive your tracking information.

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